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My favourite books with Bi/Pan characters (+ where have i been?)

  Hi! It's been several months since I've sat down and actually written a blog post. I moved house and badly broke my ankle in August, started school again in September, has had to self isolate THREE times and I've had exams for the last month so blogging has been low down on my priorities. I have a lot of post ideas though so hopefully I'll start being more active on here again. Today, I'll be sharing my favourite books with bisexual characters. Bisexuality and Pansexuality are very commonly mis- or under-represented which is why we need more (good!) representation. Many people assume that being pan or bi means that your confused, greedy, attention-seeking, promiscuous and any person with common sense knows that is not true! So here are 5 (and an honourable mention) awesome bi/pan characters. *Warning: Loveless by Alice Oseman and Read with Pride by Lucy Powrie minor spoilers* 1. Rooney Bach, Pansexual, Loveless by Alice Oseman Loveless is a book about a girl, Geor

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