How to make a tbr jar

Hello! Last week, I learned about tbr jars, which are a cool way to get round to reading more books that you haven't got round to picking up yet. The idea of a tbr jar is too write down all the books you own, on slips of paper, throw them all into a jar and pick them out when you want to. Another way of doing it is to write down some prompts but i'll go into this later.

What you need:
 A jar (see the one I used below) or any other container like a bowl, vase, mug or small box.
2. Small strips of paper. I used post-it notes that i ripped in half at the middle because I like colourful stuff but any sort of scrap paper will do.
3. Plenty of books you want to read but haven't got round to yet.
4. Obvious stuff like a pen and scissors (alternatively you could just rip the paper up). 

What to do

Firstly, I ripped up my pieces of paper until i felt satisfied that I had enough to fit the jar. I don't really think their is a perfect size to make the strips of paper because everyone has differnt sized handwriting and everyone wants their jar to look differently. Secondly, I took each strip of paper and either wrote a book that I want to read or a prompt, I've written some examples further down. Next, I folded up my strips of paper and put them into the jar. Simple!

 Many people also decorate their jar however I didn't as the post-it notes made it quite colourful so it wasn't that necessary. If you want some inspo, I would recommend looking up #tbrjar on Instagram as lot of people have put lots of time and effort into making so really creative jars.


If you want to make prompts rather than writing down the names of books, here are some idea's:
         - Read a book with a yellow cover
         - Read a childhood favourite of yours
         - Read a book released this year
         - Read a fantasy novel
         - Read a book by a disabled writer
         - Read a book featuring a POC as the protagonist
         - Read a book with multiple POV
         - Reread your favourite book from last year

That's all for now. My next post will probably be a book haul as i'm getting a big delivery from Amazon and Waterstones tomorrow. I'll also post a picture of my tbr jar on Instagram later in the week.

Until then,
Lizzie ❤️📚


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