Book & Life Update

Hello! It feels like ages since I've actually sat down and written a blog post. I love blogging but actually finding the time to sit down and blog is mot my thing which is why its been almost a month since my last post. Also there's been quite a lot of change/ stuff happening which is why I've been less active on here and on my Instagram (@busy.being.bookish). One of the biggest changes in my life right now is that I'll be moving house in a few months which means.....NEW BOOKSHELVES!!!!!!!

As much as I like my current bookshelves, I've had them since I was a baby so they have loads of graffiti and chips that me and my sister have made and I just want something nicer that shows off my books. I was thinking of getting cubed bookshelves so each cube can have a particular genre in as that is currently my favourite way to organise my books. I've also vowed to keep them neat because my current bookshelves are always so messy!!!

Another (relatively) big bookish thing I did was....delete Goodreads. I've been using Goodreads for about 3 years and until last Autumn it was working very well for me but then it just started to not work??? I don't know....I think I'll write a full post on why I dislike using Goodreads and the alternatives I use. Right now I'm using the notes app on my phone to jot down what I'm reading and when and I'm also using a reading journal which I'm also loving. I'll try and find a picture of it and post it on Instagram.

Thirdly, I've been trying to throw myself into the Black Lives Matter movement by finding and sharing recourses, reading books/articles and amplifying black voices. I haven't been massively active here or on my main Instagram about it but I run two other accounts (@classic.lit.memes and @_feminism.rocks_ ) where I post a BLM post every other day. So if you'd like to check them out please do!

I've also bought a lot of books in the last month. Here's a picture of a few of them:
I bought several other books including Read with Pride by Lucy Powrie and The Austen Girls by Lucy Worsley. I'm going to read All I Know by Carrie Hope Fletcher after I finish my current reads.

So that's it! I really loved writing this post, I think I'll try writing another one again. Next post is a Bookish This or That tag!

Lizzie ❤️📚


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