June 2020 favourites

  1. Read with Pride by Lucy Powrie. This is the sequel to one of my favourite books, The Paper and Hearts Society, and I loved it (almost) as much as the first. 
  2. Bloodlust and Bonnets by Emily McGovern. It's a graphic novel about queer vampire hunters (ft. Lord Byron), there is literally no reason why I wouldn't enjoy it.
  3. All the Bright Places by Jenifer Niven. It was so emotional and I was almost crying at the end but I loved it so much. I have a review in the works.
  1. Alexa and Katie. The last series went on Netflix this month and me so my sister binged it in a few hours and OH MY GOD we were so emotional at the end.
  2.  How I Met Your Mother. I've watched the whole series before and I decided to start re-watching it and I've forgotten how good it is. 
  1.  Heathers. I've been into the musical for a while now and I finally got round to watching the film. It was so much darker than the musical but I loved it. I also think Heather Duke is so much better in the film than she is in the musical!!!
  1. I've been attempting to embrace my inner theatre-kid so in lockdown I've been listening to several soundtracks from musicals and this month I listened to the Mean Girls the Musical soundtrack and I loved it. World Burn>>>>>any other song.
  1.  The Body Shop's 'Japanese Cherry Blossom' shower gel. When It comes to The Body Shop's shower gels, I'd always been a strawberry kind of girl but I think this might be my new favourite. It smells like summer in a bottle and it feels so high quality.
  2.  My bookish journal. I showed a picture of it in this post and I wanted to mention it again here. My mum gave it to me at the start of this month and it's such a pleasing way to record what your reading.
  3.  Mini twisted Cadbury's crème-eggs. I'd only ever had these when eating Hero's and then I found out you could get big packets of them and I could not resist temptation to buy a bag.
That's it! Hope you liked reading this post and I hope you've all had a lovely June!

Lizzie ❤️📚


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